Do you love dancing, or are you interested in dance? Are you also looking to live a long, healthy, and happy life? Should you enroll in a gym or should you go for dance classes? Should you do both? Well, enough of the dilemma!

If you can dance (of course everyone can dance) or you love dancing, then I have good news for you. There’s no need to get a gym membership when you can join dance classes. Dance is way much better than a gym workout. Yes, you heard that right! I’ll tell you why.

There are many reasons why you should go to a dance class other than a gym. Here are some of the top four reasons.

Top Reasons Why Dance Classes Are Better Than the Gym

Hitting the gym is a great way of exercising and keeping fit. What if I told you of more fun and a better way of shaping up and burning some extra calories while being surrounded by exciting people sharing the same interest?

Dance will keep you fit, healthy, and happy. Why?

1.    Dance Is a Complete and All-Around Workout

Experts and healthy living specialists consider dance to be a complete workout. The fact that the art will engage almost all the body parts makes dance an all-round workout. From legs and arms to the core, dance engages practically every muscle of the body.

Workouts are considered to be ‘must-do’ activities. On the other hand, dance is an expression of emotions and joy that gives the same benefits and results as workouts.

2.    Dance Creates and Builds Stronger Social Attachments

Dancing brings about a sense of community and family by building strong social bonds. Dance is interactive and social – it gives you a certain vibe that you won’t get at the gym.

During a gym session, everyone will be rocking headphones and will keep their eyes on a screen (either a phone, TV, an equipment monitor, etc.)

At the gym, almost everyone seems to be working out of necessity and not desire. Would it be better to spend some quality time at a dance studio with a more lively audience other than spending time at the treadmill staring at some electronic devices?

3.    Most Gyms Will Be Overcrowded Every Time You Are Looking to Workout

When are you free to hit the gym? Before work? After work? Over the weekend? Almost every other person will be open to working out over the same time. That’s why every other time you step into a gym, it’s always crowded.

Dance classes can be squeezed and done almost any time. when it comes to dance classes, there’s no signing up or waiting for a bike or a stepper…it’s Go, go, go! Whether you have a partner or not, you are good to go.

4.    Dance Is Fun; Workouts Are Boring

Let’s face it, workouts are good, but they are boring. It’s all about running, stretching, and lifting. That’s why many people exercise while listening to music or even watching screens and TVs.

When it comes to music, it’s all about music and dancing. You get to enjoy different sounds, dance with others while getting fit and burning those extra calories at the same time. Dance also ensures that you stay mentally fit.

With all said and done, the bottom line is that dance classes are better than the gym. Fitness involves different aspects… it’s intellectual, physical, and emotional! Dance is all about physical fitness, mental health, and social engagement while improving your skills at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with the gym, but why would you enroll for a gym membership when you can dance?